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Horror à la the Bard

Hey Gang,

The mighty mighty Monstrous Books is coming out with another exciting short story collection, “Shakespeare Unleashed” – all horror stories based on Shakespeare plays! I submitted a sonnet to them, a nasty little piece based on Richard III. While they didn’t choose it for their collection, I thought I might post it here for your enjoyment.

The sonnet tells the fates of Richard’s young nephews – whom he arranged to be murdered so as to clear his path to the throne. Told from the point of view of the younger prince, the sonnet’s closing couplet reveals the boys’ ghosts tormenting Richard on the eve of the battle at Bosworth Field.

I hope you dig it! I had a lot of fun writing it, and it might spawn more Shakespeare Horror stories or sonnets that I post here – watch this space!

So, here’s a little bit of chilling verse for you called…

To Worry Lambs and Lap Their Gentle Blood

by Timothy Griffin

My brother Edward’s twelve; I, only nine;
Yet no more years shall either of us gain;
White, wriggling worms anon on us shall dine.
Our killers’ tears imply ‘twill be some pain.

“Condemn us not; we two are merely pawns,”
Implores the villain pinning Edward down.
“We must deprive thee both of further dawns,
For thou standst ‘twixt thine Uncle and the crown.”

Then Edward lieth still, in murdered sleep.
My knave doth blench, beseeches me for grace,
Then blubbers sobs; he hath the gall to weep
As he doth press the pillow to my face.

Now shades, we stare with bleak, transparent eyes.
At ‘G’ we glare, and shriek – “DESPAIR AND DIE!”

© Timothy Griffin 2022

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