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Eyes: Blue
Hair: Salt and Pepper
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 190

Theatre (Selected Roles)

Last Days of Judas Iscariot | Satan | Oakton Community College

Booth | Junius Booth (Lead) | Oakton Community College

Dial M for Murder | Tony Wendice (Lead) | Morton College

Richard III | Richard (Lead) | Oakton Community College

Tommy Gun’s Garage | Vito Calamari (Lead) | Tommy Gun’s Garage

Medieval Times | King/MC (Lead) | Medieval Knights, LLC

Sons of Liberty | Taffy/Darren (Lead) | Breadline Theater

Hamlet | Hamlet (Lead) | Harper Theater

Ticklebrains | Gabe (Lead) Also Playwright | Blues Wind Entertainment

Closer to Free* |  Parker (Lead) Also Playwright | Blues Wind Entertainment

Leander Stillwell | Jack Medford (Lead) | Stage Left (Chi) Lee Strasberg Center (LA)

A Comedy of Errors | Dromio of Ephesus** | (Lead) Harper Theater

Henry IV Part I | Bardolph (Supporting) | Illinois Shakespeare Festival

Romeo & Juliet |  Tybalt (Supporting) | Illinois Shakespeare Festival

You Can’t Take it With You | Paul Sycamore (Supporting) | Illinois State Theater

The Birthday Party | Goldberg*** (Lead) | Illinois State Theater

A Midsummer Night’s Dream | Snug the Joiner (Supporting) | Illinois Shakespeare Festival

What the Butler Saw | Dr. Prentice (Lead) | Effective Theater Company

The Dragon | Burgomaster (Lead) | Studio Theater of Moscow-Southwest

*ADA Award Nominee (3) **Boonie Award Nominee ***Irene Ryan Award Nominee


Dating Games People Play | Lance (Supporting) | Marc Entertainment, Dir. Stephan Marc

Tail Sting |  Brick (Supporting) | Stinger, Ltd., Dir. Paul Wynne

Being Ron Jeremy | Screaming Cock Man (Supporting) |  Image Entertainment Dir. Brian Berke

Snare | The Man (Lead) | Blues Wind Ent., Dir. Peter Soby, Jr.

Three Shots | Tommy (Lead) | Canvas Entertainment, Dir. Gene Wolande

King of the Open Mic’s | Thin Tie Comic (Supporting) |  MOTOK Prod, Dir. Umberto Autore, Jr.

Velocity | Teen #1 (Featured) | Concorde Pictures, Dir. Dave Payne

Alien Avengers II | “Hard Story” Cameraman (Featured) | Concorde Pictures, Dir. Dave Payne

Bob In Space | Man in the Fridge (Lead) |  APOV Productions, Dir. John Richmond

Warhol | Andy Warhol | Getting To Know

Cassatt | Edgar Degas | Getting To Know

Degas | Edgar Degas | Getting To Know

Adams | King George | Getting To Know

Jefferson | Thomas Jefferson | Getting To Know

Stage Combat (Selected Projects)
Fuddy Meers | Fight Director | Triton Community College

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof | Fight Director | Oakton Community College

Booth | Fight Director | Oakton Community College

Richard III | Fight Director | Oakton Community College

Honey Brown Eyes | Fight Director | Oakton Community College

Wet or Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitudes | Fight Director | MOXIE Theatre

Coronado | Fight Director | Steep Theatre Company

A Comedy of Errors | Fight Director | Moraine Valley Community College

Hamlet | Fight Director | Harper College

The Tale of Jack and Dolores | Fight Director | Practically Period Players

True West | Fight Director | Harper College

The Highwayman and the Lady | Fight Director | Burntt Lace Theatre

A Comedy of Errors | Fight Director | Harper College

The Indian Wants the Bronx | Fight Director | ISU

The Relapse | Fight Director | UIC

B.Sc., Illinois State University, Graduated With Honors
Studio Theater of Moscow-Southwest, Cultural Exchange
Acting: Jean Sharfenberg, Patrick O’Gara, Kim Pereira, Connie de Veer, Michael Joyce, John Kirk, Cal McLean, Valeri
Beliakovich, Viacheslav Griecheshkin
Improv: Ron Scot Fry, Tim Ferguson
Voice/Dialect: Geoffrey Connors, Steven Warbuck, Pam Klarup, Nancy Benjamin
Stage Movement: John Sipes, Pam Klarup, Birgid Panet
Stage Combat: Doug Mumaw, Dave Wooley, Dave Krajec, Gary Boek, Steven J. “Scotty” Covey, John Sipes
Workshops: Judith Ivey, Steven Rothman, Ted Lange

Special Skills
Extensive Dialects (Including regional English, Irish & American, Eastern Europe), Character Voices, Natural Mimic, Voice-over, Accomplished Blues and Gospel Singer, Piano, Guitar, Folk & Blues Harmonica, Billiards, Softball, Horseback Riding (Western & English), T’ai Chi, Shotokan Karate, Fencing, Licensed Driver (Manual & Auto), Juggling, Sleight-of-hand, Cooking, Car Mechanic, Wedding Reception-Level Dancer, and I CAN HAMMER A NAIL INTO MY FACE!

Extensive Stage Combat Performance & Choreography, Armed and Unarmed
Weaponry: Short Sword, Rapier, Dagger, Epee, Foil, Halberd, Mace, Warhammer, Throwing Knives, Flail, Broadsword, Claymore, Quarterstaff, Bo Staff, Katana, Bullwhip.

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